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Weaving, yearning

Collaboration with Kalle Nio

Weaving, yearning is multi-channel sound installation for a public space.

Follow these links to two different versions of the piece.

LONDON              HELSINKI

Weaving, yearning is an evening song for a public space, it is a collaboration between the artists Kalle Nio and Hans Rosenström together with the composer Aino Venna and was first created for Kings Cross in London but has since been presented in other sites as well.

The song is played once every evening during the time of sunset. It starts from one specific place but then slowly the song starts to move, the voices drift through the landscape urging viewers to follow. In Kings Cross the song started from Pancras Square and travelled all the way to Granay Square where it finised with a surround sound setting.

Concieved during the time of the pandemic Weaving, yearning finds its inspiration from the evening sky and the precious air we all breathe. With its four voices, Weaving, yearning vibrates the air as it travels through it, reflecting off surrounding surfaces, moving on the skin of the bodies nearby, making its way inside the listener. The song reminds us of our shared existence and our interwoven lives that together form a delicate and temporary community.

Weaving, yearning is both a song and an event. It elevates a moment under the changing sky and is an invitation to sense the surrounding cityscape in all its glory. It offers the passer-by the chance to breathe in the atmosphere and its nuances, to take note that:  I am here and you are here too. Let us listen. Let this song carry us together for ‘Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.’ [Simone Weil*]

Concept and text
Kalle Nio
Hans Rosenström

Aino Venna

Laura Salovaara
David Hackston
Aino Venna
Valter Maasalo

Sound technician:
Jussi Liukkonen

A I S T I T / coming to our senses
Finnish Institute in the United Kingdom and Ireland

The work was generously supported by:
The Saastamoinen Foundation
Niilo Helander Foundation
Svenska kulturfonden