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Text based sound installation for a single viewer
Duration 5’51’’ min
Headphones, wireless sensor, lights, light dimmer, DMX controller, Max/Msp

Hotel Room 113
Steirischer Herbst
Graz, Austria

Comissioned by: Steirischer Herbst 2011

With surrounding walls, a ceiling and a floor the hotel room is much like any other room. What perhaps differs it from another room is its impersonal interior and its constant flux of people. Coming and going. Unpacking and packing, faceless people filling the space, sharing the same room in different times, without leaving a trace.

This is the setting of Blindsight, a work that picks up on this trace and creates a link with something previous, at the same time constructing an intimate experience of the personal and the present.

Blindsight was commissioned by Steirischer Herbst in 2011, a new version of the work will be presented in Hotel Holt at the Sequences Festival in Reykjavik in 2013.




Quote from the Steirischer Herbst Program;

It happens here and now, and yet it doesn’t happen. Voices so close, we can almost feel the breath. There is nothing to see, yet the story is concrete, we supply the emotions, the sounds, the pictures. We provide ourselves. The Finnish artist Hans Rosenström turns room 113 into a place of supposedly direct, immediate encounter, his installation forge an intimate link to the visitors who are alone with themselves, yet still actors, without having to move. For a few minutes, we are immersed in a world of sound, a space that is here and now and yet somewhere else, if at all.”


Blindsight in Hotel Holt Reykjavik as part of the Sequences Festival 2013