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So Far By Now

So Far By Now

Multi channel sound installation
Loop, duration: 7’53” min

Riga International Biennial
Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More
Riga, Latvia

Curated by: Katerina Gregos
Comissioned by: Riga International Biennial

So Far By Now is a narrative sound installation created specifically for a desolate library room of a former Biological faculty of a university building which functioned as the main venue for the 1st Riga Biennial. Set in this melancholic room two voices linger and entwine, drifting in between the empty shelves they unfold a narrative in canon. Together they create a continuously descending loop with a hint of optimism that fails to materialize.

The voices can be though of as a leftover presence, from people and books that once occupied the library and now hauntingly linger on. The looping piece can also be seen as a symptom of knowledge production, a balancing act between the grounding and secure feeling of understanding, to that of being lost in a cacophony. With each new acquisition of knowledge a horizon of questions reveal themselves, and yet again we have to face the dilemma of not knowing.