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Public sound installation in the newly built Värtapiren harbour terminal in Stockholm, Sweden.

5 Granite Boulders, 3 Transducer Speakers.
Duration 24’33’’

Comissioned by: Stockholm Konst and Ports of Stockholm in 2016

2066 is a permanent sound installation on an outdoor terrace of the Värtapiren terminal building.

For the piece I collected future visions from different people representing various professions and asked each contributor to describe, how they, through their professional experiences believe the world will look like in 50 years from now.

From all the answers I wrote text that can be listened to, lying down on any of the three large stones. The work can only be heard through bone conducting, meaning that ones head has to touch a metal medallion inlayed in the surface of the stone. A vibration in the medallion conveys the stories into ones head.

The work is about creating an individual and intimate encounter with sound in a public space as well as to  offer a calm place to lie down and drift away. Since the piece is permanent it is very likely that it eventually will speak more of our anxieties in 2016 than actually predict what is to come.