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After the Lake


3 channel sound installation
Duration 6’ 29’’

Heritage The North Coast Art Triennial
Gribskov, Denmark

Curated by Carina Zunino

After the Lake is a sound installation for three voices that draws inspiration of the location, its history and possible future. By using the captivating yet fleeting qualities of voices, After the Lake sets out to create a moment of reflection over the landscape, temporality and transformation, and not at least, our own presence in it all.

From the top of a modest hill, by the stone foundations of Søborg castle, we see out over a green landscape. What are pastures now used to be the murky bottoms of a shallow lake, Søborg Sø, that was drained some 150 years ago. The lake surrounded by farms was by then a thriving hotspot for algae’s in all shape and form. To the extent that in 1836 the local pastor and botanist H. C. Lyngbye wrote a dissertation for a doctoral degree based on his study on algae here. The botanical part of his dissertation was printed post-mortem and can still be bought online. After many complicated attempts, the efforts of draining the lake finally started to pay off, and some time in 1870’s the water was no longer contained on land but was orderly directed towards the coast, and together with the water, all that agricultural residue was directly flushed out to the sea. The current plan is now to block the canals, let water yet again submerge the pastures and eventually restore the lake to its natural state.

For video excerpt click here.

Sebastian Basse Aronsson
Lina Högström

Sound design:
Martin Konie Ehrencrona

Hans Rosenström
Søren Kierkegaard

Photos by Kim Matthai Leland and Bjørn Pierri Enevoldse