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a u g u s t

a u g u s t

Helsinki Contemporary
11.08 – 03.09

a u g u s t was a solo show at Helsinki Contemporary consisting of a a sound installation that stretched throughout the gallery space together with two series of photograms, a photographic diptych and a sculptural element.

Exhibition View, Jökulsárlón I and Jökulsárlón II

Jökulsárlón II

Jökulsárlón I and II are series of photograms created by exposing photographic paper through glacial ice. The process was repeated on sheets of paper until the piece of ice had completely

Glacial ice is snow that has been exposed to extreme pressure under a very long period of time and eventually crystallized. The detailed image is created by light rays that are bent by complex prisms inside the ice, making the captured image rather a trace of the process than a picture of the ice. The ice I collected from the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon is older than the invention of the technologies that made the capture of these images possible.

Exhibition view, with a part of Jökulsárlón I and ‘weekdays’.
Exhibition view over ‘weekdays’ and one speaker of the multi channel sound installation The Sea – Chapter I.
‘Weekdays’ is a chinese elm inside a museum vitrine, the work is titled anew according to the current weekday.
The Sea – Chapter I, a multi channel sound piece triggered by a sensor overlooking the vitrine.  The piece begins with one spoken story that is audible in the vicinity the tree, after a while another voice joins in canon in the space next by and then a bit later a third voice begins a another story in the first room of the gallery. And so the piece evolves, spreading gradually and taking over the entire gallery.
Exhibition view over the diptych BBC-29.03 and one speaker for The Sea – Chapter I

The two photographs of BBC-29.03 were taken from the live BBC broadcast of the moment when Article 50 was triggered in the United Kingdom House of Commons. Due to outside disturbances to the signal of the television, the picture was accidentally distorted, altering the image to become a kind of digital malformation and perversion. This can be taken to read as a metaphor for the unfortunate moment Brexit became reality, as well as alluding to the state of democracy and dialogue in the time of digital interference.


a u g u s t has been kindly supported by:
Svenska kulturfonden
Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse