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Weaving, yearning – Helsinki


Collaboration with Kalle Nio.

Weaving, yearning is multi-channel sound installation for a public space.
Duration: c. 20’00”

Composer: Aino Venna

A I S T I T / coming to our senses
Helsinki Festival
Kunsthalle, Helsinki

For video documentation please follow this link.

The work started once every night at 8:30PM outside the Kunstalle, Helsinki. From here it drifted to the Temppeliaukio rocks, a distance of roughly 500 meters.

The light changed towards the end of the exhibition period, in the final days of presenting Weaving, yearning it got more dark.Photos by:
Petri Summanen (9 top ones)
Kalle Nio (3 bottom ones)

Laura Salovaara
David Hackston
Aino Venna
Valter Maasalo

Sound technician:
Jussi Liukkonen

Technical support:
Pietu Pietiäinen
Mikko Hynninen

Technical implementation:
PRO AV Saarikko