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Varjot veden pinnalla

Varjot veden pinnalla

Public Art Work
Espoonlahti metro station, Espoo, Finland
Duration 2’57’00’’ Loop

Varjot veden pinnalla is a light and sound installation realised for the platform area of the Espoonlahti metro station. The work consists of an organic light pattern that at times appears in the middle of the dark blue roof of the wharf hall, whose movement brings to life the undulating shapes of the quarried rock.

During the course of a day different songs and soundscapes appear and disappear on the platform. This happens at irregular intervals and most of the time the platform is left to its own sounds and silence. The overall atmosphere of the piece is meditative and aims to activate our connection to the surrounding space and others.

Link for video documentation: Here

Martin Ehrencrona
Philip | Schneider

Amanda Bergman
Julia Hanberg
Troels Abrahamsen
Katinka Fog Vindelev
Josephine Philip
Hannah Schneider

Recorded in:
Studio Cobra, Stockholm
Studio Philip | Schneider, Copenhagen

Technical implementation:
Pro AV Saarikko
Henrik Lago, Mevida, Stockholm
Pietu Pietiäinen, Pro Light
Ville Hyvönen, sound mix

ALA Architects

Commissioned by:
EMMA / Espoo Museum of Modern Art