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Tillsammans TEXT


Site-specific sound installation for a singel viewer
Duration 5’17”
Headphones, wireless motion sensor, lights, light dimmer, DMX controller, Max/Msp

Street View
MAP – Mobile Art Production
A public art exhibition taking place in various locations around Avenyn, the central avenue in Gothenburg Sweden

Tillsammans is a work made in a recently closed choclaté store and café. The original furniture was used in the installation pretty much as it was left in the space. The work was experienced one person at a time.
The narrative started to play from the headphones when the viewer sat down on one of the chairs. The story was specifically written for this abandoned space that had lost its identity and waited to become something else. All the lights in the space where computer controlled and was synchronized with the narration.
The recording of the story was done together with an actor in the same room. I have used a binaural recording technique with “‘in-ear”‘ microphones. Heard through headphones this creates a very credible three dimesional sound in the room.

Reviews of the exhibition Street View and the work Tillsammans:
Sinziana Ravini, “Street View” på Mobile Art Production i Göteborg, Dagens Nyheter 2010, (Swedish)
Mikael Olofsson, Street View | Göteborg, Avenyn, Göteborgs-posten 2010, (Swedish)
Kajsa Widegren, Gatans galleri, GT Expressen 2010, (Swedish)

Actor: Jakob Höglund

Technical support: Sami Suihkonen

Special thanks: Richard Widerberg

Watch video documentation of Street View from this link.