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i andras hand TEXT


Narrative sound installation
Duration 5’25”
3 headphones, 3 chairs, wireless motion sensor, lights, DMX controller, Max/Msp

The End of the Knowers
Teaterhuset Avantgarden, Trondheim, Norway
Curated by Rickard Borgström

I Andras Hand is a narrative sound installation experienced by 3 persons at a time.

In the installation the viewers hear a dialogue as if being discussed by the two other viewers. All the three dialogues have a similar beginnings but halfway all of the stories take their own paths. The work aims to create a shared moment which actually is differnet for each participant. Who are at the same time physically present in the room but in the soundscape they all experience a differnet narrative. The only way for the viewers to complete the story is to share with each other about their experience.

The recording of the story is done together with two actors on the stage. I used a binaural recording technique with “‘in-ear”‘ microphones, heard through headphones this creates a very credible three dimesional sound in the room.

Actors: Janne Kokkin & Kristofer Hivju

Technical Support: Sami Suihkonen