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Half Full-text


The gallery space divided in half by its existing lights

Lights, U-rail, steel wire

Helsinki Contemporary
Helsinki, Finland

The installation was the both the first and final work that the viewers encountered in the exhibiton Divisions – and Other Possibilities at Helsinki Contemporary gallery.

The exhibition continued at the back of the gallery with a performative gesture titled A Separation, which divided the exhibition space and the office rooms but also separated the viewers from each other, since from this point onwards one could only continue alone, one person at a time. In the office spaces the viewer became a visitor, here they would find a range of different works spread out and fused in the officescape.

A Part and the Whole, video still. Duration 1’43”.

Progress, Letraset on Somerset paper

Exclude, Letraset on Somerset paper

Divide, Letraset on Somerset paper

Include, Letraset on Somerset paper

Connect, Letraset on Somerset paper

Kaiken osana, sound installation for a single viewer. Duration 3’36”.
Headphones with sensor, Arduino, Mp3, DMX controller, DMX dimmer controlling the existing  lights of the room.

Kaiken osana, sound installation for a single viewer.

Embody, Letraset on Somerset paper

Embody, closeup, Letraset on Somerset paper

Kaiken osana, Enclose, installation view.

Enclose, pigment print. Image of the wall by the entrance/exit to the gallery.

Half Full, installation view