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Two-way mirror, motion sensor, lights, light dimmer, DMX controller, Max/Msp

Sinne Gallery
Pro Artibus
Helsinki, Finland

If a viewer stops in front of the mirror, in the otherwise empty gallery space, the lights in the room are automatically switched off. This happens quite rapidly in a mixed rhythm with a distinct sound from the relay box. After a few seconds only a spotlight lights up the viewer. Gradually the image on the mirror shifts, the viewers mirror image is blended together with an archive, that has been previously hidden behind the two way mirror. Then suddenly, without a warning, the lights are switch back on and the image disappears. The whole episode lasts 16 seconds.

Review by Leena Kuumola published in Hufvudstadsbladet 18.12.2010 here.

Technical support: Sami Suihkonen

Flyktpunkt was supported by: The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland