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We Are All In



Site-specific sound installation for a single viewer.
Duration 5’10”

Volumi contrastanti / Kontrasterande volymer
Italian Culture Institute
Stockholm, Sweden

05We're All In

On the 30th of October 1975 Pier Paolo Pasolini gave a public talk at the theatre of the Italian Cultural 
Institute in Stockholm. In his talk Pasolini brought up issues concerning his latest film Salò, but also 
the political climate of Italy as well as his ambitions and plans for the future. A few days later, on
 Saturday the 1st of November Pasolini was interviewed in Italy by Furio Colombo. He was asked to
give a title for the interview, to which he replied:

“Here is the seed, the sense of everything. You don’t even know who, right at this moment, might be thinking of killing you. Use this as a title if you like: Because we are all in danger”.

The interview took place in the afternoon between 4 and 6 pm. Later the same night Pasolini was murdered on a beach at Ostia, near Rome.

The sound installation We’re All In positions the visitor on the same stage where Pasolini stood during his last public 
appearance. The space of the
 institute hasn’t really changed since his visit. The visitor looks down towards the same space of the
 auditorium as Pasolini did. This time the seats are empty. The site of the institute, our
 knowledge on the tragic events that took place shortly after Pasolini’s visit, and the text used as the
source of the sound piece create a concrete link to the history of the institute while the work itself turns
 our attention rather towards being in the space within our bodies.

Dancer: Zoë Poluch

Curated by: Elina Suoyrjö and Rosario Sorbello

01We're All In

02We're All In

03We're All In