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Tangled in Echo

Tangled in Echo

Site-specific sound installation in three parts.
Imagine Being Here Now
6th MOMENTUM Biennial
Moss Norway

Part I – 2’47”
Part II – 2’45”
Part III – 8’06”

Curated by: Aura Seikkula, FI, Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, DE, Marianne Zamecznik, NO
Markús Thór Andrésson, IS and Theodor Ringborg, SE

Comissioned by: MOMENTUM

Tangled in Echo was made for the Solberg Tower, a nine stories high tower next to the E6 highway, connecting Norway with Sweden and the rest of Europe. The tower is 30 meters high and designed by the architect Todd Saunders. It is built, together with a highway resting area by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The site consists of geological and historical information of the surrounding area. The tower has a free entry and is open from early morning till late evening.

Information of the Solberg Tower and the architect can be found from here:

These are the premises for the sound installation Tangled in Echo. Though the work is not narrative, at least not in a linear way I will start unfolding it from Part#1 which was installed on the 9th floor of the tower. Each work was started by a tiny motion detector, and was therefore often heard from the beginning.


Part I
is experienced from headphones standing really close to the window facing the highway. The window is large enough so that the viewer/listener will only see what happens outside. Almost as if floating above the scenery. The text from the headphones is simple. A monotone voice describing the route of a red blood cell in a human body, plunging from the heart into the blood veins and eventually back to the heart again. I wanted to make the viewer very aware of her body, almost feel how her veins draw every inch of her in the space. This happening at the same time while she’s looking at the highway with its constant flow of traffic, and how it takes over the land and continues past the horizon.


Part II
could be heard from headphones one floor down, on the 8th floor. This time the viewer stood on an indoor balcony still facing the same view over the highway but now more detached from the landscape. The script in Part#2 is recorded in the same space with a binaural recording technic, therefore the presence of the reader is now very strong in the room. Part#2 deals also with the relation of the inner (private) world and the outside. This time the sound enables a play with the relation of invisible presence and the viewer. Though the impossibility of them ever meeting maybe they, for a brief moment of time, share the same space.

Walking downwards, deeper in the building. On the 6th floor the viewer entered another balcony, again faced towards the same highway but this time there is no window and the viewer is faced with a solid concrete wall.




Part III
was started almost immediately when the viewer turned around the corner to the balcony. The sound could be heard as a reflection from the concrete wall. It was projected towards the wall using a Holosonic Audio Spotlight System, and this, because of the very directed sound which created an almost physical experience of the sound. The text in Part#3 was built upon short anecdotes of time and being, for ex. how fast concrete deteriorates and hoe the erosion takes place to, a story of blind people who learned to use echolocation to enable visual input of their surrounding. These anecdotes were presented in a seemingly random order, as if flipping radio channels between frequencies. A multitude of things taking place simultaneously and what we hear are the ones we are able to catch.

This was the last sound part, after this the viewer continued her spiraling journey for five more floors. All the floors are much similar to each other, yet the light shines inside and illuminates the space slightly differently in each floor.






Images 1, 3, 4, 5 & 6 courtesy by Vegard Kleven