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Kaiken Osana

2012 / 2019

Text based sound installation for a single viewer
Duration 4’30’’ min
Built structure, headphones, sensor, lights, light dimmer, DMX controller, Pilote Show player

Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection
EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art
Espoo, Finland

Curated by Laura Kokkonen
Voice by Anna-Mari Karvonen

Kaiken osana is a continuation of the work In Dependent Structures from 2012, but this time recorded in Finnish. In this new version the installation has received a sculptural appearance, as a freestanding structure which the viewers may enter one at a time. Because of its glass wall and the programmed lighting, that fades out when the work is listened to, the structure shifts between being slightly transparent to completely opaque. This breathing interplay is referred to in the sript that can be listened to inside the structure, but in the text the focus lies in our own bodies and how their porous qualities connect us to our surrouding and shape us as humans.

Photographs: Ella Tommila (first three), Ville Vauras (two bottom ones)