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I As Witness-TEXT


Site-specific sound work for three locations in Stockholm. The work could be listened to on site from portable mp3 players.

Art of Memory
Bonniers Konsthall
Stockholm, Sweden

Vasa Parken – 3’19”
The Jewish – 4’33”
The Stockholm City Library – 4’44”

The group exhibition Art of Memory took place not just at the Konsthall but in 5 different locations as well.

I As Wittness took place in The Vasa Park, The Jewish Museum and The Stockholm City Library. I like to think about the body as a container for past experiences and memories, therefore I felt inclined to include the park, which is an active place, in relation to the two others sites that represent different aspects of memory through documents or written texts. In all three case memory is a balancing act between the conservation and construction of it.

Commissioned by Bonniers Konsthall