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Narrative sound installation.
Duration 3’39”
Headphones, trigger, CD-player

Spellbound by Stories
The Lönnström Art Museum
Rauma, Finland

Curated by: Juha-Heikki Tihinen

Actor: Anna-Mari Karvonen
Technical support: Sami Suihkonen

Hiljaa Läsnä was made in The Lönnström Family House, which today operates as a Family Museum. The Lönnströms were manufacturing ammunition and detonators during The Second World War, their home (the museum) is located right next to where the factories used to be. Teresia Lönnström was the founder of The Lönnström Art museum in Rauma Finland, where the bigger part of the exhibition Spellbound by Stories was held.

The work starts when the viewer sits down on the chair. From the headphones the viewer hears the sound of a woman descending the stairs behind the chair. The woman excuses herself and then tells the story of her grandfather who got wounded by a grenade in the war. During a period of unconciousness her grandfather experienced a supernatural experience of moving in time and space and meeting with his sister. After his recovery his sister confirmed their meeting.
The recording of the story is done together with an actor in the same room. I have used a binaural recording technique with “’in-ear”’ microphones. Heard through headphones this creates a very credible three dimesnional sound in the room.