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Du Utan Jag


Text based sound installation for a single viewer.
Duration 4’38’’ min
Built architectural structures, headphones, wireless motion sensor, lights, light dimmer, DMX controller, Max/Msp

The Studio, Moderna Museet
Stockholm, Sweden

Curated by: Camilla Carlberg
Comissioned by: Moderna Museet




Du utan jag​ is a text-based sound installation experienced individually, where a single body occupies the space at a time. Through a short narrative relayed using a specific binaural recording technique, one that mimics human hearing, the soundscape creates an encounter that positions the viewer within the artwork making the viewers presence – and their body – an integral part of the work. By creating a private and intimate setting, the work reflects on questions regarding the self and its relation to surrounding structures, whether they are visible or not. Returning to its title, ​Du utan jag, the work plays on the psyche exploring the self, its relation to surrounding structures and brief encounters with others. Our self is continuously negotiating and formed in these situations. Even when we are alone, we carry within us traces of people we have encountered during our time.